Showgirl of the Year 2009

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The 2009 Deja Vu’s Showgirl of the Year Championships was held at the Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas on January 14th. This year’s event was highly anticipated by all in attendance. The ten National contestant’s had to win at local level and then regional level at Deja Vu’s around the United States to arrive at the nationals. This year’s panel of observant judges was left the task to score four major categories. Evening Gown, Couch Dancing, Bikini and Stage Performance. Each of these divisions was imperative to grab points in order to have a winning show.

On opening night there was a line out the door, spilling into the parking lot with eager patrons ready for the show. This Las Vegas Deja Vu displays over 100+ showgirls of its own. And if you could imagine a 375+ capacity club filled to the brim with nude Showgirls working the stages you would soon figure out where the chain got its slogan: “Where the Party Never End’s.”

Backstage, the dressing room was wall-to-wall flesh. The stage crew assembled props, costumes were altered and the stress factor was in the boil-over zone. Contestants helped each other get ready for their shows and high-fived each other for luck. There is a lot of friendship between Deja Vu contestants, and it is nice to see such commradery among contestants.

The opening of the show was off and running, with all eyes front and center. Show after sizzling show rolled across the clubs main stage to amazing fits of applause. But, when the big to-do had come to an end it was time to collect score sheets and pick a winner. The host faced the crowd and began: “In the 3rd runner-up position from the Deja Vu of Springfield, Illinois, Seven; In the second runner-up position, from Barely Legal of New Orleans, the lovely Taylor; In the first runner-up position, from the Déjà Vu Centerfolds of San Francisco, the insatiable Sierra; And the winner of the 2009 Showgirl of the Year crown was none other than Diamond, of the Déjà Vu of Cincinnati, Ohio.” Congratulations Diamond!

Showgirl of the Year 2009 Finalists
Aaliyah-Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Redland’s, CA
Aly – Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Washington Park, IL
Diamond – Déjà Vu of Cincinnati, CA
Gizelle – Déjà Vu of North Hollywood, CA
Ivy – Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club San Diego, CA
Merry Jane – Little Darlings Lemon Grove, CA
Riot – Larry Flynt’s Hustler New Orleans, LA
Seven – Déjà Vu of Springfield, IL
Taylor – Barely Legal New Orleans, LA
Sierra – Déjà Vu Centerfolds of San Francisco, CA
We would like to thank the management of the Déjà vu of Las Vegas for their never-ending hospitality and first class service…see you next year!!

Photos and Text via Trace A. Grundstrom

Showgirl of the Year 2009