Showgirl of the Year 2008

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January 14th kicked off this years National Finals of Deja Vu’s Showgirl of the Year Championships for 2008 This year’s super-pageant was nothing short of incredible. Not only was this high-flying national spin-off’s being held at the Deja Vu’ Showgirls of Las Vegas’ premiere nightspot but it would be history in the making. The ten ravishing contestant’s had to first battle it out at local level and regional level at Deja Vu’s show clubs across America. This knowingly takes most of the year, and involves hundreds of perspective contestants. And narrowing it down to ten finalists was no easy task. Every year there are so many fantastic contestants entering the showdown, but surviving is the ultimate goal.

The 2008 panel of judges would be scoring four major categories. Evening Gown, Couch Dancing, Bikini and Stage Performance. Each of the divisions were extremely important for obtaining highest scores.
On the big night crowds of curious patrons filled the club to capacity.
In the dressing room, stage crews assembled props and helped contestants get ready for their shows. The main stage was to be a Battle Royal for the hottest and the fittest, and only the best would arrive in the top four.

As the lights dimmed, the show took off like a bullet, with all eyes on the pulsating main stage. Incredible shows were executed, one after the other, with mesmerized judges scoring every movement. But as the night wrapped-up, it was finally time to put down the pen’s and decide who would be the 2008 Showgirl of the Year!

As the frazzled host hit the stage, the crowd lowered the volume, and the gorgeous ladies lined-up on stage. The host faced the crowd and began: “In the 3rd runner-up position from the Deja Vu of Springfield, Illinois, Seven. In the second runner-up position, from Barely Legal of New Orleans, the lovely Taylor. In the first runner-up position, from the Déjà Vu Centerfolds of San Francisco, the insatiable Sierra. And the winner of the 2008 Showgirl of the Year crown was none other than Diamond, of the Déjà Vu of Cincinnati, Ohio. Diamond accepted her crown from with tears of joy running down her cheeks. Congratulations Diamond!

We would like to thank the great management and super floor staff of the Déjà Vu of Las Vegas for their awesome hospitality and fantastic service…see you in 2009!

Photos and Text via Trace A. Grundstrom

Showgirl of the Year 2008