Showgirl of the Year 2003

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This years National Finals of Déjà Vu’s Showgirl of the Year Championships 2003, was hosted at the Déjà Vu of North Hollywood, California. The fast-moving festivities were beyond spectacular. Not only was this major circuit competition being held at red-hot Raymer address it would also be the perfect spot for regional finalist’s to prove themselves after preparing for the competition all year long. National finalist’s had to first emerge victorious at their home club’s to win a spot at the national’s. Sound simple? It’s not. The nine National contestant’s had to first make it through the local level and then regional level at Déjà Vu’s across the country. Every year there are so many fantastic entertainers entering the competition, plus the previous years runners-up that are taking another shot at the coveted title. Four major categories would be judged by years panel. Evening Gown, Talent, Bikini and Stage Performance. Each of these divisions were very important for gathering points, with Stage Performance holding most of the spotlight.

On opening night crowd’s of patrons, jammed the entrance-way of the stunning Noho Déjà Vu, which was easily filled to capacity. This Vu’ location Déjà Vu chain stocks well over 100+ house honey’s of its own, and runs circles anything we have seen back east. And if you could imagine a 300 capacity show club overflowing with naked women working the floor and starry-eyed patrons rocking the VIP rooms, you would understand where the chain got its handle: “Where the party never end’s.

Backstage, the huge dressing room was hopping with preparation. The stage crew handled props to designated locations, and costumes rolled through the room like a night at the MET. At that moment I realized not only was I observing history in the making, but I was also seeing a new generation of future stage stars.The lights dimmed and the competition took off like a runaway fright train, with the house glued centerstage. Show after perplexing show took flight across the Déjà Vu NoHo’s glistening stage. The applause. Bianca from the Déjà Vu Showgirls of Lansing, MI knocked the judges out with a high-energy show, while the delectable Jazmyn of the Déjà Vu of Stockton, CA. tore the club apart with her unrelenting energy.

But as the night began to come to an end, it was time to roundup the score sheets and pick a winner for the 2003 Showgirl of the Year.
As the Master of Ceremonies hit the stage, the deejay lowered the volume, and the stunning ladies filed across the stage. “In 3rd runner-up position from the Déjà Vu of Midway, San Diego, CA. Taylor. In second runner-up position from the Déjà Vu of Cincinnati, Oh. the Opal. In the first runner-up position from the Déjà Vu of Ypsilanti, Mi. And the winner of the 2003 Showgirl of the Year crown was, Jordan of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Washington Park, IL! Jordan accepted her crown from Dakota last year’s winner with tears of joy running down her cheeks. Showgirls Magazine would like to thank Déjà Vu of North Hollywood General Manager, Raz for his hospitality, and to all of the beautiful contestants at this years Showgirl of the Year. Nice one!

Photos and Text By Trace A. Grundstrom