Showgirl of the Year 2002

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January 30th kicked off the national and final competition for Déjà Vu’s Showgirl of the Year for 2002. This year’s showdown of showdown’s was once again held at the spacious Déjà Vu of Washington Park, Illinois. A gem of a show club, with a capacity upwards of 600, opening back in January of 2000. It has just added a brand new 2000ft. VIP dance area with all of the trimmings. And if that wasn’t enough, by the time this issue hits the stands, it will also include a shiny, new Hustler boutique, with books, clothing, lotions & potions and all of the latest sex gadgetry known to man…or women!

The 2002 pageant was narrowed down to nine contestants from Déjà Vu clubs across North America, who competed in local and regional contests at their perspective home clubs. In years past, the pageant ran upwards of 40 contestants and dragged on sometimes until dawn. Today, the show time’s are shorter and the entire event has been streamlined by making the cuts at regional levels. After all, it is a competition and not a marathon.

This years MC’s were the seductive Serenity, Wicked Pictures contract girl and star of hundreds of XXX-rated adult films. By her side was the wild and woolly Anthony, king of the showbar one-liners and featured DJ extraordinaire from the Déjà Vu of Minneapolis, MN. This time round, Anthony was sporting a new coif and some pretty snazzy attire and Serenity looked stunning as usual, even after all of the diligent work put into her new company Las Vegas Novelties with husband Steve Lane, who also served on the judges panel All in all, it appeared that they were more than ready to get the party moving. In the judges seat’s were: the shapely Torre, former Showgirl of the Year and Pole Antics champion. Larry Kaplan of ACE and Exotic Dancer magazine, Pascal Fratolini, Liz, Joe and DJ from MS Communications. All were in rare form with pens in hand, to score the evenings events. Categories would include: Evening Gown, Bikini, Couch Dance and Stage Performance.

The theme for the 2002 event was from National Lampoon’s “Animal House,” with the main emphasis on the Toga Party portion of the picture. Serenity and the “Big Ant” were both clad in toga’s, as were several male members of the audience who were to open the show with a Couch Dance Competition. Each contestant was assigned an audience member to do a couch dance for on the main stage. Girls gave their very best couch dance in a small allotted time, scoring as many points possible, producing some pretty steamy situations. There were many willing participants from the standing room Washington Park crowd, but far too many for the amount of showgirls competing. Suffice to say, it was quite hilarious and a rip roaring success!

This year’s line-up of contestant’s included: Sasha of the Déjà Vu of Lake Station, In., Dakota of the Déjà Vu of Midway at San Diego, Ca., Montana of the Déjà Vu of Ypsilanti, Mi., Janine of Dream Girls at San Diego, Ca., Jewels of the Déjà Vu Showgirls of Seattle, WA., Tyler from the Déjà Vu of Springfield, IL., Skyla Monroe of the Déjà Vu of Lexington, Ky., Autumn of the Déjà Vu of Minneapolis, MN., and Alex from the Déjà Vu of Stockton, Ca. Nine of the chain’s hottest entertainers were keyed-up and ready to engage in some serious stage combat. also on hand was the luscious Sophia Simone, winner of last years melee, ready to hand over the crown to this year’s lucky winner.

From the beginning of the show, and until the very end, uncompromising stage performances unraveled across the large Washington Park stage. Autumn from Minneapolis national Pole Antic champion slide up and down the poles with another great show, while Janine of San Diego blistered the stage with uncanny flexibility that scored very high with the judges. Jewels of Seattle got every body’s hormones racing with a great cherry pie performance, as Montana of Ypsilanti sprung to life with so much sexy energy that it almost shorted out the PA system. Skyla Monroe of Lexington also turned in some very high scores with moves that made the ladies in the audience scream for joy, during which Dakota of San Diego smoked circuits with a killer tomb raider set. Sasha of Lake Station wowed the judges with such a sultry show it made the judges blush. Tyler of Springfield let loose with a great fire starter set that had the crowd screaming for more, while Alex of Stockton rang all the bells with a fantastic show with her limber moves and picture book good looks. It was one of the best year’s ever, with some of the most stunning girls in the competition thus far. But alas, it was time to engage in the hardest task of the evening: picking a winner! As Sophia Simone performed her farewell dance, the score sheets were picked up from the judges table and in record time Anthony and Serenity reappeared with envelope in hand.

“In the second runner-up position for Showgirl of the Year 2002 is the lovely Tyler of Springfield, Illinois. In the first runner-up position from Seattle, Washington is the stunning Jewels. And Winner of the 2002 Showgirl of the Year, from San Diego Midway, California is…Dakota! Dakota accepted her bouquet of roses and did her winners walk with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. Congratulations Dakota!

Showgirls Magazine would like to thank Larry Trosch, Mike Parker and all of their great floor staff of the Déjà Vu at Washington Park for the hospitality and fond memories. Special thanks to all of the world wide Vu’ contestants for putting on one hell of a show! Extra special thanks to Leslie of Minneapolis for bringing the girls together in another fabulous show. We will miss you! Until next year.. See you on the circuit!

Photos & Text by Trace A. Grundstrom