Showgirl of the Year 1999

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November 11th kicked off the National Finals of the 1999 Déjà Vu Nude Showgirl of the Year Championships in North Hollywood, California. Not only would Southern Cal be the backdrop of the chain’s largest yearly event, it would also be a testing ground for all of the regional contestants from Déjà Vu’s across North America, (including Canada) who had trained all year, and won slots in the Finals by winning the top title at their perspective “home clubs.”

Now it was time for each contestant to dig back deep into their bag of tricks to find the right ingredient of sophistication, stamina and the desire to be the very best that they could be… After all, it was Hollywood baby, and the cake would not come without a price. Endurance, beauty and entertainment ability would be judged by industry stiffs, novices, producers and the like. This computed into the four major categories where the scoring was conceived and were: Evening Gown, Talent, Bikini and Stage Performance. All which had their quirks for the under prepared, as well as the five year vets. And as one North Hollywood house entertainer aptly put things into the proper perspective explained: “You ain’t in fuckin’ Kansas anymore Dorothy.”

Opening night spawned hordes of horny spectators lining up around the premiere Vu location, to observe history in the making, as well as some prime time poontang that have been scattered throughout SHOWGIRLS MAGAZINE as well as many of the other major men’s magazine’s. It was a line-up of bewildering beauty and blistering showgirl talent. Backstage, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife, as the contestants double-checked the performer batting order and readied their props. Pools, backdrops, pyros and every stage gadget littered the dressing room. Paint shows, fire shows, magic shows, and you name it, were all in route to the stage entrances. Girls cheerfully helped each other out with numerous preparations, more so than some of the other catty circuit pageants. But make no mistake about it, each girl that entered this showgirl showdown, entered to win. And with a cash prize of $10,000 at stake, things were guaranteed heat up to a breakneck pace.

Hosting this year’s event was none other than Déjà Vu’s “man with a plan, the duke of devastating one liner’s, and the “Big Ant” himself, Anthony. By his side was co-host, Wicked Pictures contract girl, and star of hundred’s of XXX-rated films, the seductive Serenity. Also on hand were the Lovely Zoe, Tori and Kali, all past Showgirl of the Year and Po’lympics champions. It was a hosting line-up that was rare to see on any stage, and added that trademark Déjà Vu flair that the chain is known for. And with a floor staff of nearly 100 North Hollywood entertainers working the room off stage, the club looked like a beautiful sea of swaying nakedness. Outside, contestants were arriving via chauffeured limousines. The red carpet had been rolled out for the gargantuan Hollywood greeting, and resembled a night at the Academy Awards. Escorted Vu’ vixen’s devastated the thick crowd of elbowing paparazzi who clamored for pictures. The gowns were stunning to say the least, as were the vivacious entertainers that wore them. As they scurried off to prepare for the evening’s onslaught, it was time grab a seat inside!

As the house lights dimmed, the first performer hit the vast North Hollywood stage with a volley of cheers and applause. Show after sizzling show pushed the powerhouse pageant into a new dimension with the fur flying. Shelby of the Cincinnati, Ohio Déjà Vu rocked the house with an unrelenting cop routine, while Ali of the Déjà Vu of Louisville, Kentucky ran it off the road with a fantastic red-white and blue Uncle Sam tribute. Shanterri of the San Diego/Midway Déjà Vu kicked some serious boo-tay with an awesome Matrix show, with Bianca of the Lansing Vu hitting the nail on the head with a kickin’ space age spinout. The ravishing Kitana of the Ontario, California Déjà pounded the stage with a purple wig and sword, while the luscious Lexington, Kentucky Vu’ vamp Vivian went for the bald beaver with a razor and shave cream. Wow! The perplexing Paige of the Toledo Vu pulverized the awe-struck SRO audience with an absolutely fabulous Egyptian mummy show, as did Hawaii’s Johnni Lane, who smoked the judges’ circuits with an outrageous naughty postman set. Jamie Lee did a futuristic computer show coated in silver metallic paint that drove the crowd wild, with the gnarly Nadia of Bakersfield, California Déjà Vu ripped through a fantastic aluminum set. So many ultra-cool performances were observed during this cavalcade of talent that it’s hard to describe them all. But the act that the 1999 event will be remembered for was the uncanny Harem Show put on by the pageant’s hosts. It seems that a certain sheik was adding a new wife to his litter of beauties. Serenity, Zoe and other tantalizing entertainers danced for his enjoyment clad only in belly dancing swag. It appeared difficult for his highness to make up his mind which lovely would be inducted into the harem until… from the back of the stage the 250 pound plus Anthony appeared, dressed in full harem attire, and gave the sheik the lap dance of his life! This one had to be seen to be believed! Way to go Ant!

As the show began to wind down after countless theme shows, dance and talent display’s, it was time to collect the score sheets and pick a winner! While the numbers were tallied, the stunning Showgirl and Po’lympics champion Tori, presented the show’s coordinator Leslie with a check for $1,000 for the many years of friendship and help that Leslie had provided to her. I don’t think that there was a dry eye in the house during the ensuing hug that followed. Leslie manager and wonder woman of the Minneapolis Déjà Vu has been a crucial part of nearly every Déjà Vu event on the chain’s circuit of events. And every one knows that nobody does it like Leslie…way to go baby!

As Anthony returned to the stage, envelope in hand, a hush came over the crowd as the ladies lined-up on stage for the reading of the winners. And then the Ant spoke: “In fourth place, from the Déjà Vu of Toledo, Ohio the stunning Paige. In third place from the Déjà Vu Midway at San Diego, the stimulating Shanterri. In the second place slot from the Déjà Vu of Bakersfield, the naughty Nadia. And winner of the 1999 Nude Showgirl of the Year, and winner of $10,000 in cash… envelope please, Kitana from the Déjà Vu of Ontario!” Kitana accepted her bouquet roses with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks, as she did her winners walk across the stage. Congratulations Kitana! The ladies were bombarded with hugs and kisses as industry photographers etched the event in stone. What a show!!!

Déjà Vu would like to thank club manger Raz’ for playing such a gracious host to this years event. Special thanks to Leslie, corporate backbone, Laurie Bowers, and to all of the stagehands, for all of their hours of help and patience. Also, a tip of the hat to all of the Déjà Vu patrons for supporting the annual event. We love you all…thank you!

Photos and Text by Trace A. Grundstrom