Showgirl of the Year 1998

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November 11th of last year, the Déjà Vu super club chain hosted the exhilarating 1998 Nude Showgirl of the Year Contest at its premiere Nevada location, the immaculate Showgirls of Las Vegas. As you might remember from past pageant competitions, contestants must first win their local competitions at their home Déjà Vu clubs across the country to be permitted to compete in Las Vegas. And due to the gigantic size of the Déjà Vu chain, last years participants numbered over 40, with the show running on two consecutive evenings. On night two of the 97′ competition, the evenings festivities ran until dawn, leaving performers, judges and photographers completely spent after nearly twelve hours of shows. This year, a new approach was conceived for the 98′ onslaught to speed things along. Instead of dispatching one entertainer from every show club in the chain, contestants competed in regional showdowns where there was one or more Déjà Vu’s in that particular state (Some have up to six or seven), which obviously brought this year’s showgirl count down to a comfortable fourteen participants, with only one evening reserved for the entire contest. Each contestant soon realized that it would take every ounce of energy to bag this contest by performing only one show instead of two. Although contestants are scored in several categories such as: Evening Gown, Talent, Swimsuit and Stage Performance, the performance end of it carried the most points. Which would make this years competition the most difficult to date.

In the backstage dressing room before the show, emotions were running high, with elected entertainers testing their props and checking out the contestant batting order. Although most of the performers were polite and helpful, we all know that even the cutest kittens have claws, and at this nosebleed altitude of competition, winning was the name of the game. And none would accept anything less. Naturally, this inspired each performer to take their show into a new dimension, and readied them for some serious stage combat.

By 7:00 PM, the club had already reached standing room only capacity, with a line wrapping around through the entranceway, and spilling out into the parking lot. Limousine’s pulled up continuously on both sides of the club containing anxious thrill-seekers and local royalty alike, ready for an evening of unmatched excitement and tantalizing torment. The huge spotlights in front of the party epicenter guided guests to the club, and let the city of Las Vegas know that this would be one contest that they would not soon forget!

Master of Ceremonies for this year’s event would be the well-versed Anthony of the Déjà Vu of Minneapolis. Anthony is quite well known for his sidesplitting one-liners and brash sense of humor. Co-anchoring for the big man, was none other than the sexy Serenity, XXX-rated superstar of stage and screen, and Wicked Pictures contract girl, as well as Showgirls Magazine’s guest publisher. At the tip rails, the night’s judges included: the gorgeous Jenna Jameson, also a Wicked Pictures contract girl and probably the biggest and highest paid adult film star in the world. In tow was her handsome beau, Justin Sterling also a major on screen player in adult fuck flicks. Just down the way, we also spotted sports legend Stanley Roberts who was ready to drop down some ink on the contestant score sheets. Film producer David Cole of Tri-Sun Pictures was on hand rail-side ready for the hair raising spectacle, as was a host of other notable radio and sports personalities steadfast and prepared for action. The radiant Zoe, 1997 Nude Showgirl of the Year from Ypsilanti, Michigan helped get the ball rolling on stage by joining Anthony and Serenity for some intense pageant hi-jinx. She also was ready for her last performance as Nude Showgirl of the Year, as she would be stepping down and passing on her tiara to this year’s winner. It was going to be a wild night in Vegas, and it would also be any one’s guess who would emerge victorious as the new 1998 Showgirl of the Year. As the house lights dimmed, and horny spectators scurried of to their seats, it was time to start the show!

Up first, was the Evening Gown competition, an elaborate display of sequined gowns and sultry glamour. The amazing Tasha Blade of the Lake Station, Indiana Déjà Vu scored high with her mega-buck, canary yellow Vicki Renae original. This hand-stitched marvel was living proof why Vicki is the top adult fashion designer in the business today…Wow! Up next, was the Talent portion of the show. Skits ranged from martial arts performances, singing, magic, blowguns and so many more! Toledo’s blonde bombshell Paige got the crowd biting their nails as she shot blow darts at balloons surrounding a bound and blindfolded male counterpart. All darts reached their mark like clockwork except one, which just missed his crotch! (Thank god he was blindfolded!) The voluptuous Vanessa of the Déjà Vu of Redlands, California got the crowds full attention with a chair balancing act with her tux clad companion who seemed to be almost as flexible as she was. Once again, the amazing Tasha Blade of Lake Station blew the crowd away with a rainbow and blue colored bell bottomed outfit, and bleached-blonde Afro wig and shades. Tasha displayed her talents with an uncanny martial arts show spinning num-chucks in both hands and boogied down to some funky sounds. Moving on, the next show spot was filled with the stupendous and horny Swimsuit competition. Here we found several winners, with a barrage of sexy showgirls strutting their stuff in some of the most revealing of beach attire that would be a sight for sore eyes at any beach…. Damn! Fantasia of the Déjà Vu of Tampa had nearly all of the judges and spectators harder than Chinese elm with her skimpy swim wear and knockout body…and she wasn’t even naked yet! The Swimsuit competition definitely prepared the crowd for the all nude, Performance category, that lie dead ahead. But wait, check this out…

As we mentioned earlier, Anthony the shows Master of Ceremonies is known for executing some pretty crazy shit while on stage. Besides starting the show in a dapper black tuxedo, and relaxing on stage in a striped, 20’s men’s bathing suit, our friend Anthony also staged an amusing ballerina skit with Serenity sporting a full blown, pink and white ballerina outfit that got the crowd on their feet and screaming. You had to be there!

As the main segment of the show began, the first contestant hit the large, Showgirls main stage like a wrecking ball leaving only devastated judges in her wake. This was what everyone had been waiting for all night, the heat of competition. Sure the other categories were entertaining, but this is where the rubber hit the road. Show after earth shaking show unfolded across stage with all heads front and center. The vivacious Malibu of the home club, Showgirls of Las Vegas, rocked the crowd as she made a sundae out of her body complete with whipped cream. (We have the nuts!) The luscious Lisa of the Déjà Vu of Seattle racked up the points with a steamy Latin set that had the judges grinning. The lovely Lexi of the Déjà Vu Lake Station, Indiana went totally ballistic inside her Stainless steel cage, while the sexy Vanessa of the Redlands, California location floated across the stage clad in an eerie black cape holding a fully loaded candelabra. The pulsating Paige of Toledo, Ohio emerged from an egg to perform a runaway jungle set dress in an animal skin body suit, while the amazing Tasha Blade dowsed herself with gold paint in an inflatable swimming pool. Kali of the Déjà Vu wowed the crowd with a highflying angel set, wearing only a pair of feather wings and a pair of heels! Last year’s winner of the 1997 Showgirl of the Year, Zoe put on a fabulous farewell performance that brought back fond memories of the previous year. Although all shows showed much merit, it was finally time to tally up the score sheets and come up with a winner.

As the girls assembled on stage for the last time, Anthony put his arm around Serenity, and began to read off the winners: in the third runner-up position was the charming Tasha Blade of the Déjà Vu of Lake Station, Indiana. In the second runner-up position Jordan of the Déjà Vu Little Darlings Las Vegas. First runner-up was the one and only Angel Veil of the Déjà Vu Centerfolds of San Francisco. And the winner of the 1998 Nude Showgirl of the Year was…envelope please: Kali of the Déjà Vu Bakersfield, California. Congratulations Kali! Kali accepted her bouquet of roses and crown from Zoe last year’s winner, smiling with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. What a show!

If failed to show up in Las Vegas this year for contest of contests, then you truly fucked up. But not to worry, all of the exciting live, nude action was captured on videotape. See you next year!

Photos and Text via Trace A. Grundstrom

Showgirl of the Year 1998