Showgirl of the Year 1997

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On November 12th, the Déjà Vu super club chain held its fabulous Showgirl of the Year Contest for 1997. This annual, three day event is one of the chains largest events of the season. This year, the ranks of the showgirl contestants totaled over 40 wild-eyed beauties, all in search of the coveted crown of Showgirl of the Year. The posh Little Darlings of Las Vegas, Nevada would be the gracious host, and proving ground for some of the country’s finest and most talented Déjà Vu performers. After November 12th and 13th, the first two days of the contest, the judges somehow, painstakingly narrowed down the field of sultry entertainers to just 10 finalists.

On November 13th, night two of the show, over 40 contestants blazed the large Little Darlings main stage with many notable performance’s scoring high with the observant, star-studded cast of judges. Night two’s events carried on until nearly 6:30 in the morning, and was deemed as one of the most physically and mentally draining runs of talent to date. But only November 14th, the final night of the contest of the decade, would bring to the surface the top four runners-up, and only one Showgirl of the Year.

Early in the evening of November 14th, the club already was filling to capacity. The spectators outside in line all seemed to have their own opinion on the outcome of the nights events. It was probably safe to say that being that Las Vegas is a wagering town, that many on side bets were being laid down on the curvaceous crew of contestants. But even at this point, it was anyone’s guess who would walk away with the top honors.

Backstage, the lovely contestants scrambled to prepare for their shows. Swimming pools were inflated, props were tested and anticipation filled the Little Darling’s dressing room thick enough to cut with a knife. This night definitely belonged to the ladies, with many contestants rehersing for this moment for several years. The mood between the performers seemed to be very supportive and helpful as the first entertainer prepared her stage onslaught. As the contest’s Master of Ceremonies, Doc finished his last rib-tickling one-liner, and returned backstage, the lights dimmed, and the show was underway!

All types of theme’s and performance’s unraveled down the colorful Little Darlings main stage to the audience’s amazement. The Déjà Vu Bakersfield’s buxom Kali won the heart’s of the standing room only crowd with a stupendous Romeo and Juliet set, while the Déjà Vu Centerfolds of San Francisco’s bombshell, Angel Veil lit up the Las Vegas sky’s with another unrivaled performance, as Tori of the Seattle Airport Déjà Vu splashed around in a giant champagne glass full of rum and pineapple juice perfecting the perfect pina colada. Tori, the only performer to win both Showgirl of the Year and the Po’lympics Gold Metal, was and easy shoe-in for a spot in the top five finalists. The insatiable Zoe from the Déjà Vu of Ypsilanti, Michigan ran wild with an unbelievable space traveler show complete with ray-gun and intergalactic swag. The stunning Heather Bankx of the Déjà Vu Showgirls Las Vegas awed the crowd with all of her well choreographed dance moves, while the gorgeous Sage of Little Darlings Las Vegas kicked the show into high gear with an unrelenting performance that set the crowd into a joyful frenzy. The seductive Stacey of the Déjà Vu of Colorado Springs brought the house to its feet with another mesmerizing set, while the radiant Kruella Deville herself, Tasha of Lake Station, Indiana bombarded the main stage with an uncanny and versatile performance that grabbed her very high scores. Monique of the Déjà Vu Midway at San Diego sizzled around the poles with her fantastic stage flexibility, as the enticing Brice from the Dream Girls show club of Minneapolis racked up the points with a Déjà Vu leg-logo show that was brilliantly executed and a favorite with the judges. Each contestant gave well over 100% in each and every performance and are to be commended for putting on one of the best Showgirl of the Year Contest’s thus far. But as all good things must come to an end, it was time to pick a winner. As the last score sheets were collected from the judges table, and the ladies reemerged on stage in their evening gowns, the winners were announced. The 4th runner-up for the 1997 Showgirl of the Year was the voluptuous Angel Veil of the Déjà Vu Centerfolds San Francisco, California. In the 3rd runner-up position was the tantalizing Tasha of the Déjà Vu of Lake Station, Indiana. The 2nd runner-up spot was easily filled by the multi-talented Tori of the Déjà Vu Airport at Seattle, Washington, while the sexy Stacey of the Deja Vu Colorado Springs nailed down the 1st runner-up spot. And the winner of the 1997 Showgirl of the Year is: “Envelope please… Zoe of the Déjà Vu Ypsilanti, Michigan! The curvaceous Zoe accepted her bouquet of roses and Showgirl of the Year crown with tears of joy rolling down her smiling cheeks. Congratulations Zoe!

As the long three nights of fierce competition ended, and the photographers from over six national magazines finished their barrage of Winners Circle photographs, and bid all of the contestants adieu until next year, we give a hardy congratulations to all 40 of the fantastic participants including stage crew for a job well done!

Showgirls Magazine would like to thank the staff and management of the Déjà Vu Little Darlings of Las Vegas for their grand hospitality. See you next year!

Photos and Text via Trace A. Grundstrom