Showgirl of the Year 1996

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The Showgirl of the Year Contest is the biggest event on the Deja Vu calendar. After hard-fought regional contests at Déjà Vu’s from coast to coast, the 1996 finals were held at one of the newest additions to the chain, the Déjà Vu of North Hollywood. This gorgeous locale has quickly established itself as a top-notch poon palace by providing the public with some of the finest looking entertainers in the Golden State. This spacious club was the perfect setting for what must surely rank as the most awesome display of erotic entertainer talent anywhere in America. When this year’s pageant rolled into Southern California, the crowd poured in, and the cameras came out. The spotlights were flipped on and the music started to blast. Thirty -five of this country’s most delectable showgirls awaited their chance to dance during two nights of thrills, chills and stage pounding excitement, all in search of the coveted Showgirl of the Year crown.

The mood among the girls on the first night was cheerful, agreeable and polite. But make no mistake, the cutest kittens have the sharpest claws, and the Showgirl of the Year is a competition made up of Déjà Vu Club’s most celebrated entertainers. The contestants must first win their local competition before reaching the finals. It’s a contest, but it’s serious business, too. These girls all came to California to do one thing; Win. So behind the smiles you’d better know there was plenty of me first attitude. The finals are a battle of the best to be the best, and every girl who entered had her eyes on the prize. The overriding desire to bag the title turbo-charged each lady’s performance and pushed the already sizzling stage shows to even higher levels of heat and intensity.

Categories to be judged were Evening Gown, Talent, Swimsuit and Dance, with the final category holding the most possible points. The Evening Gown competition was a colorful display of flowing chiffon, spiraling silks and picture book glamour looks. The Swimsuit score-off showcased every curve with some of the skimpiest swimwear ever seen on any beach! The Talent category brought to the stage a stunning variety of performance: form the wild Catherine D’lish’s sing-a-long complete with harmonica and harmonizing dog, to a baby grand piano concerto, magic shows, vampire acts and so much more. As entertaining as all these categories were, the most exciting part of the whole shindig was definitely the dance competition. It’s the dance segment where showgirls really get to shine, and outstanding pole tricks and uncompromising stage performances got the standing-room-only crowd on their toes and howling! By the second night of the contest, the field had narrowed to ten finalist. Predictably, the competition become more fierce, and the shows more intense. While the dancers battled it out for supremacy, the audience came away the big winner, because they were able to witness some of the most outrageous live, nude action ever to grace a show bar stage!

The top ten finalists were the gorgeous Stacy (Colorado Springs Déjà Vu) who knocked them out with her erotic Christmas show. Danielle (San Diego/ Kearny Villa Déjà Vu) lit up the night with an amazing array of stage tricks, while the slim and trim Drew (Bakersfield Déjà Vu) cast a spell on the audience with her sexy Snow White presentation. Savannah (Federal Way Déjà Vu) nearly set off an earthquake with a pounding dance performance, leaving visibly stunned judges in her wake, only to find the mesmerizing Jewels cutting all ties to reality with an indescribably wild number. Tammi Boom (Las Vegas Déjà Vu) whacked ’em and stacked ’em with her raunchy rumba “Cuban Pete,” while the bodacious Brooke (Kalamazoo Déjà Vu) let it rip with her high-energy-antics. Summer Leigh (North Hollywood Déjà Vu) scored very high with her demented court jester show, as did the worldly Catherine D’lish (San Diego Déjà Vu), who splashed around in her six-foot champagne glass. The awesome Nakita (Minneapolis Déjà Vu) took the crowd by surprise with a devastating medieval set, nearly cutting a stage pole in half with one blow from her sword!

But despite the outstanding performances executed by all participants, there would only be one Showgirl of the Year crowned on this night. As the photographers reloaded in preparation for the awards ceremony, the star-studded judges panel pondered their score cards. Among the notables who judging the show: porn star/director Tom Byron; screen and stage superstar Serenity and porn-vid director/industry authority Jim Holiday. They, as well as a host of others, marked their score sheets for the last time, as the club M.C.s Doc and Jeff entertained the audience with one-liners and collected the score sheets.

As the lights dimmed and the contestants waited nervously backstage for their names to be called, ten of America’s most radiant entertainers all crossed their fingers and prayed for that one moment of glory. “And the winner of the third runner-up position for the 1996 Showgirl of the Year is… Tammi Boom of Little Darlings, Las Vegas!” Second runner-up went out to the young and limber Nakita, the first runner-up was seized by the sensuous Catherine D’Lish. “And the winner of the 1996 Showgirl of the Year is… Summer Leigh of Déjà Vu North Hollywood!”

The buxom Mr.Leigh broke out in tears as she posed for photographers with her bouquet of roses. The front row showered the new Showgirl of the Year with stacks of bills, and the entire club rose to its feet and applauded hysterically for a job very well done. Summer got on her knees for the customary champagne uncorking by North Hollywood general manager Jason Mohney, who arrived endowed with a very large check.

All contestants received trophies and necklaces for their outstanding performances, and the top ten contestants received trophies, necklace and a diamond earrings. And cash? The top four girls skated away splitting $20,000, the trophy, the diamond earrings, a diamond-studded Showgirl of the Year and a complementary photo shoot. But the big banana went out to the winner of Showgirl of the Year, who collected all of the other prizes plus $10,000 in cash! Congratulations Summer!

Photos and Text By Trace A. Grundstrom

Showgirl of the Year 1996