Anybody lucky enough to have attended the 5th annual Showgirl of the Year Contest – held at Deja Vu’s world famous Little Darlings club in Las Vegas – will tell you that it was an incredible event. bit it was backstage that the true intensity of the competition was most noticeable. As entertainers from clubs across the country prepared to take to the stage during the competition, the dressing rooms were a non-stop frenzy of activity.

The mood was polite, professional and friendly, but make no mistake, Showgirl of the Year is a battle of the best to be the best, and every girl entered was for a highly charged atmosphere backstage… and some of the most outrageous and innovative erotic entertainment on stage.

Nearly one thousand girls competed regionally,in club across america. Of those, only 28 made it to the Semi-Finals. that group sent ten girls to the finals, and that’s when the contest hit a full, rolling boil! Playing to a packed house, the entertainers competed in four categories: Talent, Evening gown, Swimsuit and, most importantly, Dance. Each and every contestant pulled out all the stops during her routine. Creativity, ingenuity and massive doses of super-charged sensuality marked the Dance competition (which constitutes a full half of the available score) as an incredible, state-of-the-erotic-art event! But after all the eye-popping dance moves were complete, all the elaborate costumes were shed, and all the imaginative props were cast aside, only one entertainer would wear the crown of Showgirl of the Year ’95. The ultimate honer went to Seattle, Washington’s Tori, but, as the saying goes, each and every contestant was a winner, as these exclusive photos amply attest.
Showgirl of the Year 1995 Finalists
Arcadia – Lake City, WA
Cheyenne – San Diego, CA
Jessie – Springfield, IL
Nikki – Lansing, MI
Nikki Lynn – Las Vegas, NV
Sheena – Everett, WA
Tabitha – San Diego, CA
Tasha – Kalamazoo, MI
Tori – Seattle, WA
Tricia -Toledo, OH

5th Annual Showgirl of the Year Contest
Little Darlings – Las Vegas, NV
Showgirl of the Year 95: Tori – Seattle, WA
1st Runner-Up: Jessie – Springfield, IL
2nd Runner-Up: Nikki Lynn – Las Vegas, NV
3rd Runner-Up: Tabitha – San Diego, CA

Showgirl of the Year 1995