Showgirl of the Year 1994

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In football it’s the Superbowl; in baseball the World Series; soccer has the world Cup- each of which represents the very pinnacle of achievement in each sport. Stripping, the greatest spectator sport of them all, has it’s own World Cup, Superbowl and World Series: The Showgirl of the Year contest.

Just as sports teams compete through a season for a berth in the playoffs, so do prospective entrants in the Déjà Vu sponsored contest. At each the the Deja Vu clubs across America, contests are held throughout the year to choose the one dancer who will represent that club at the finals. This year, the fourth year the contest has been held, the Lansing, Michigan club- and spiritual home of the show-bar chain-hosted the 2 day contest. The best erotic entertainers from Miami to Seattle and points between converged on the Lansing club for two nights of outrageous beauty in action.

The final competition includes four categories: Evening Gown, Swimsuit, Talent, and Dance, with the final category carrying the most possible points. The evening gown competition could easily have been mistaken for any of the famous nationally televised beauty pageants. The 25 finalists are a match in the sheer beauty for any “Miss” you’d care to compare them to. It’s when the swimsuit competitions gets underway then you know you’re in for a really wild time! Unlike the babes in a Miss America pageant, the Showgirls finalists wear the tiniest suits they can find and they’re not at all shy about showing off what they’ve got! It’s a far, far cry from the dowdy one-piece suites and fake smiles of Atlantic City!

Showgirl of the Year 1994 Finalists
Darien Vain – Lake Station, IN
Hunter – Louisville, KY
Lani – Spokane, WA
Monique – Seattle, WA
Nina – Minneapolis, MN
Samantha – Nashville, TN
Stevie – Miami Beach, FL
Tiara – Federal Way, WA
Taylor – W. Palm Beach, FL
Veronica – San Diego, CA
But as hot as the swimsuit action got, things really started to get crazy when the talent portion of the contest arrived. As for instance? Dig this sample from the medley of songs performed by sweet and feminine Nina from the Minneapolis club: “It all started with a simple kiss/Now it hurts when i take a piss!”. As You can imagine, Nina’ ballad about the agony of syphilis had the crown roaring with laughter. Other highlights included a “traditional” dance by Tiara drawing from here Native American heritage; Nashville’s Samantha playing the flute (this lady sure knows how to blow!); Anastasia from Colorado did a condom demonstration that had male audience members clutching their members in fear and awe! Other standouts among the performances included (ultimate winner) Darien Vain’s Charlie Chaplin act, and Monique brought the house down with her routine! At first it appeared that she was doing a simple paint show, decorating her big, beautiful boobs and hot thighs. But then she hugged a guy in the audience and left the imprint of a big smiling face on his clothes.

The wide variety of talent displayed up to this point in the contest only whetted the audience’s appetite for more- and more they’d get when the final category arrived. The final and hottest event was the dance competition. This is where the true erotic nature and ability of each dancer would be expressed. As you can imagine, picking the very best dancer out of a field of 25 of the best dancers in the country is no easy job. And with the coveted title “Showgirl of the Year” riding on it, each contestant gave her stage time an all-out effort. From Nina’s incredible pole work, to Tiara’s nude bathing show; Samantha’s cheerleader to Veronica’s sassy Little Red Riding Hood show, every dance was different, every dance was spectacular.

Despite the outstanding excellence of all the competitors, one vixen finally emerged victorious.. Darien Vain’s seven minute long heavy metal set was nothing less than awesome. Starting out in a nurses’ uniform, Darien rocked the house in a non-stop display of sex in motion. The stunning superiority of her dance coupled with high scores in the other categories earned Ms. Vain of the Lake Station, Indiana Déjà Vu the title, Showgirl of the Year. First runner-up was Samantha from Nashville; Monique from the downtown Seattle club was second runner-up; and Taylor from West Palm Beach was voted 3rd runner-up.

It may sound cliche, but all the contestant, whether they finished in the top 5 or not, were winners. They had to be to get to the finals. But the real winners are the guys who visit Déjà Vu clubs and get to see these beauties up close, live and in person…nude, nasty and unashamed!

Showgirl of the Year: Darien Vain – Lake Station, IN
1st Runner-Up: Samantha – Nashville, TN
2nd Runner-Up: Monique – Seattle, WA
3rd Runner-Up: Taylor – W. Palm Beach, FL

Showgirl of the Year 1994