January 16th kicked off the 1992 Déjà Vu Showgirl of the Year Contest. Hosting the National Competition was the stunning Colorado Springs Deja Vu, which was filled to the rafters each night as the votes were counted and the finalists determined. This was a chance for the clubs coast to coast to send their most luscious ladies to compete for the big money and a truckload of prizes. From over 1,200 participants, the field was narrowed down to 24, from these national competitors 12 finalists were chosen and then the winners. After all, only one entertainer could be crowned the 1992 Showgirl of the Year, along side a free trip to Hawaii.

As always, the judges found it a difficult task trying to choose among so many gorgeous entertainers. The best way to determine a winner would be to hand over the judging over to the audience. All contestants received a 14kt. Déjà Vu logo pendant, a personally monogramed bathrobe and Déjà Vu beach towels to use on their trip to the Aloha State. Anticipation was running high when the first entertainer hit the stage. From top to bottom, the competition set a new standard for erotic entertainment as each performer worked the crowd trying to sway votes in their direction. There were kisses, hugs and much more to be had by whoever sat at the tip rail. Luscious Sahara Azure was doused with Champagne only to have it licked off by several audience members. Shay launched herself in the crowd looking for a real man. But when it was all over, this was the bottom line:

2nd Runner-up from the Déjà Vu of Seattle, Washington was the lovely Lauren. 1st Runner-up from the Déjà Vu in Toledo, Ohio was the stunning Natasha. And the winner of the 1992 showgirl of the Year Contest was the radiant Jasmin from the Déjà Vu of Colorado Springs, Colorado. With roses in hand and tears rolling down her cheeks Jasmin waved to the crowd. Congratulations Jasmin. See you in ’93!

Showgirl of the Year 1992