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  • 2027 Westlake Ave
  • Seattle, WA 98121
  • (206) 623-0183


  • Open
  • Mon-Sun: 4pm-2:30am
  • Daily


  • Fully Nude Entertainment
  • Ages 18+
  • Juice bar
  • Fantasy Love Boutique
  • Occupancy: 150
  • Date Opened: July, 2008

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Little Darlings – Seattle

Up and away in the Jet City of Seattle, Washington, home to Boeing Industries, Jimi Hendrix, Grunge music and Starbucks (the best damn coffee on the planet), lends no time for an idol existence. For a city that is considered to be laid back, Seattle seems to stomp on the Tara 24/7 with a plate-full of technology and a face full of the hottest women on the North Coast, you can only pray that you are part of this action! The Emerald City is known as the most literate city in the country, as well as the fittest. A big earner in a green economy, Seattle has taught the rest of the 49 states how to get down in the land of plenty. And speaking of getting down, check this out…

In 2009, just off Westlake Avenue, the Little Darlings show club planted its talons in the shadows of the Seattle Space Needle. It’s a novel location with a groovy basement-styled strip club that melts the decals off of any other local establishments. And with a showgirls cellar that ante’s-up with over 75+ capricious couch kittens, the new, steamy Little Darling’s pulls the party alarm with an intimate capacity of just over 200+ perplexed provocateurs. Either in the large subterranean Champagne VIP or exhausting the Benjamin’s at the in your face stage-rail…Little Darlings takes every shift into a carnal bliss. Funky but chic, enticing and elegant, the Little Darlings of Seattle will make it happen!

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