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  • 10707 Pacific Ave So.
  • Tacoma, WA 98444
  • (253) 536-6844


  • Open
  • Sun-Thurs: 2pm-3am
  • Fri-Sat: 2pm-4am


  • Fully Nude Entertainment
  • Ages 18+
  • Occupancy: 280
  • Date Opened: March 2012

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Dreamgirls at Fox’s – Tacoma

Roughly about 32 miles to the south of Seattle, Washington and just off the sprawling Puget Sound you will find the pulsating city of Tacoma, Washington. Known as the “City Of Destiny” this gigantic shipping port has much more that meet’s the eye with first glance.

Besides boasting the gigantic University of Washington, Mount Ranier and having the highest density of art with in it’s perimeters than any other city in the country. It also contains the Museum Of Glass, which has over 13,000 feet of gallery space for one’s thought’s and imagination.

If you desire something a bit more stimulating, Tacoma is very well known for some of it’s hairaising adult entertainment landmarks as well as curvatious company in which to see the other sights and sounds of this bustling locale.

We of course are speaking of the relentless Dreamgirls At Foxes located at: 10707 Pacific Ave South Tacoma, WA. Here you will see the fully nude artform over at the Museum Of Ass on two sizzling shifts, displayed on an abundance of glistening stages, seven steamy days a week.

Opening in March of 2012 and serving-up a club capacity of just under 300 happy campers, “Foxes” runs amok with stunning young jezebels that are a sight for sore eyes. So if you should find yourself in this neck of the woods, or jumping in the chariot for a night out with the fella’s…remember Dreamgirl’s At Foxes…I’m sure they will never forget you!

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