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  • 14556 Bothell Way NE
  • Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
  • (206) 362-5851


  • Mon-Sat: 11am-2am
  • Sunday: 2pm-2am


  • Fully Nude Entertainment
  • Ages 18+
  • Juice bar
  • Feature Acts
  • Continuous Live Stage Shows!
  • Bachelor & Birthday Parties!
  • Occupancy: 184
  • Date Opened: August 1983

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Déjà Vu Showgirls – Lake City

Lake City, Washington is roughly 7-8 miles northeast of Downtown Seattle. In it’s early creation it enjoyed a colorful past of speakeasy’s selling illegal liquor, girls and gambling, all during the prohibition period. A certain establishment once named the Jolly Roger, had a unique tower where watchmen signaled the approach of police, visible from miles away. In case of a raid, employees could leave via a tunnel that led under the highway and into a wooded area. Years later it became The Coon Chicken Ranch at 8721 Bothell Way. It remains as a sort of historical landmark for the city and still puts a smile on the faces of visiting tourists.

Further up the road, the area still induces ear to ear smiles with the glimmering Déjà Vu of Lake City, a fully nude panty-less playground that runs the party into the bushes seven notorious days a week. And with a raving customer capacity of right around 180+ the Lake City locale packs in the patrons with countless amenities and steamy weekend blowout’s. Since it’s gala grand opening way back in 1985, the Lake City Vu’ has served-up a truckload of stunning stage stars and currently showcase’s over 100 beautiful entertainers ready when you are. The club has very spacious feel to it with two stages: a glass block side stage for the up close howling horn-dog’s and a sultry main stage for exciting pole tricks and constant banter. The VIP area is loaded with tons of private dance couches and is assured to find you in one! Monday is Lady Lotto Night, with a chance to win some serious Vu‘ cash to shower your favorite showgirl with. After all, “It’s Where The Party Never Ends!”

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